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Venture into the realms of X-Demon, a slot creation from Evoplay that promises both battles and shields. This slot has five reels and four rows, providing 20 winlines with a RTP of 96.07% and medium volatility. 

The backdrop of the game transports players to a mythical battlefield, where every spin is a chance to prove your valor. Stone statues, meticulously built by ancient ancestors, stand guard, shielding the world from the looming demon invasion. The game's intricate mechanics hinge on special symbols, which manifest above the reels. These symbols serve as the vanguard, annihilating the malevolent forces and in their wake.

Find your footing in a fantasy battle for up to 2,500x your spin in the X-Demon slot by Evoplay!

Bonus Features

Beyond the regular free spins, X-Demon offers transforming wilds and the exclusive collect feature. Awaiting every spin is the potential to unlock a feature. The Wild Attack feature has the Wild Attack symbols appear only on the top row which isn't part of the winlines. 

If one aligns with a Demon symbol (a high-win symbol) directly below, the Demon becomes Wild, paving the way for potential prize-winning combinations. 

Play X-Demon by Evoplay and guard the ancient ancestors!

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