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Sizzling Sevens
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Enjoy a modern take on the classic fruit machine with Sizzling Sevens, a Slotopia game whose five reels are filled with familiar juicy icons. Just like the original slot machines, each reel is stacked with three rows of bountiful fruit. Your mission is to match them using this slot’s five win lines, which are color-coded on either side of the grid. The RTP for this classic experience is 96%.

Each fruit is rendered in a sleek 2-D art style, fitting perfectly with Sizzling Sevens’ classic theme. They’re also given a white outline and a shiny, waxy surface that makes each fruit pop from the screen. Alongside the fruit of this low-volatility game, radiant star symbols can also land with a fiery effect surrounding them. Finding these stars makes it possible to get prizes worth up to 1,000x your spin!

Bonus Features

Sizzling Sevens sticks to its classic roots by using a simple and easy-to-play gameplay loop. From the start of the base game, its five win lines are represented with yellow, red, blue, green, and pink squares on the screen. An extra symbol, the star scatter, adds more points to your winning combinations. It also acts as a wild, making it easier to connect symbols into a working win line.

Find these fiery stars in Sizzling Sevens!

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