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Milkshake XXXtreme
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Food-themed video slots have been all the rage for some time and NetEnt gives us its very own boost of dairy goodness with Milkshake XXXtreme. 

The setting is quite similar to games like Sweet Bonanza, complete with pink backdrops and brightly colored symbols showing all kinds of milkshake flavors. It’s yet another great-looking slot from NetEnt, with vibrant backgrounds and detailed animations that might just put you in the mood for one of these milky beverages.

You spin through six reels and six rows and can land a maximum win of 100x your spin. Volatility sits at a medium setting, and you get three RTP settings at 96.04%, 96.01% and 96.05%.

Bonus Features

A milkshake cup lands on the side of the reels on each spin, with a random color, multiplier value of up to 100x, and up to 12 starting points. Whenever you hit a win, the symbols that match the cup’s color are collected, adding even more points to its tally. When you hit 20 points, you collect the cup’s value and another one is added next to it. You can have up to four cups in one round.

The Booster feature can trigger after any avalanche spin, bringing a couple of reel modifiers to push you toward an even bigger win. The multiplier booster enhances the cup’s win multiplier, while the color booster turns it into a rainbow cup that collects scatter symbols for points as well.

You can also exchange your spins for reel enhancements. 10x your spins gets you two milkshakes and a guaranteed wild, while 95x your spins give you four milkshakes with two guaranteed wilds.

Pick your flavour and start spinning away for that 100x prize on Milkshake XXXtreme!

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