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Energy Coins: Hold and Win
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Grabbing coins is the name of the game in Energy Coins: Hold and Win, a classic slot game from Playson. While it plays on a simple blue background, the game play hinges on both the gold coins and the energy coins. Standard gold coins shimmer along this slot’s five winlines. Those winlines come from five reels, each with three rows. Swirling with bright blue lightning, the energy coins are fully animated.

The game features a guitar soundtrack that kicks up with the action. This slot also has a lot of frills that might not be visible at first. For example, potential winning spins get surrounded by lightning as it grinds to a halt. It's a great way of adding tension to this high-volatility game.


Bonus Features

There are several bonus features that you can trigger in Energy Coins: Hold and Win. First, there’s the Hold and Win feature that Playson named the game after – where coins stick to the grid during bonus games. To get there, string six coins together on the grid! Each can carry a multiplier, which gets collected and multiplied by new energy coins as well as jackpots, the largest being the 5,000x grand jackpot. The pile of gold feature can kick in during normal play, making these coins more common.

Play Energy Coins: Hold and Win to grab as many coins as you can!


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