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Congo Cash
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Venture deep into the heart of the jungle with Congo Cash slot from Pragmatic Play! A wilderness of winnings awaits in this 5-reel, 432 ways-to-win slot game. With an enchanting animal theme, this high-volatility adventure ensures every

Congo Cash boasts an impressive 96.51% RTP, ensuring your jungle journey is both exciting and rewarding. And, for the bravest of explorers, there's the chance to roar to victory with a 2,200x max win! The lush jungle is filled with more than just exotic creatures - it's also home to tantalizing treasures.

Bonus Features

In the dense foliage of the Congo Cash slot, random jewels glitter with the promise of coins, just waiting to be discovered. Watch out for butterflies and Congo Cash symbols, as the right combination could lead to a prize that's wilder than your wildest dreams!

What’s more? You can get your paws on one of the three available jackpots, or trigger the elusive free spins for a truly thrilling gaming experience. Just remember, in the jungle, fortune favors the bold.

Step inside the jungle and win huge prizes in Congo Cash!